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The Malaysian Society of Soil Science, in collaboration with Param Agricultural Soil Surveys (M) Sdn. Bhd., is organising a seminar entitled "Managing Soils of the Dent Peninsula, Sabah and a Soil Familiarisation Tour 2001".

This seminar and tour will be held at the Dent Peninsular, Lahad Datu, Sabah. The seminar will be on 22 Oct. while the tour will be from 23 Oct. to 25 Oct. 2001. Participants can attend either only the seminar or both the seminar and tour.

The Dent Peninsular has a complex geology and varied group of soils. The soils' parent materials include coral limestone, beach ridges, terrace alluvia, sedimentary rocks and tuffs. In order to manage these soils it is important to understand the geology, geomorphology and chemical characteristics of the soils developed on these rocks types.

The tour will include selected FELDA schemes in the Sahabat Complex to examine and discuss the characteristics and management of the soils found in the area. A visit will also include the MPOB Research Station at Lahad Datu. Both the seminar and tour will be conducted by qualified professionals.

This seminar and tour are aimed at planters, agronomists and planners who are concerned with the current trends of stagnating FFB yields, increasing cost of production and reducing profitability in the plantations. Those who are interested to attend the seminar and tour are requested to register not later than 30 Sept. 2001. Due to logistics we will restrict the tour to 60 participants on a first-come-first-serve basis.


updated: 14-Sep-2001