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First Announcement

Soil Science Conference of Malaysia 2007


April 17-19, 2007


Jointly organized by
Malaysian Society of Soil Science (MSSS)
Dept. of Agriculture Sarawak (DOA)

In colloboration with
The Incorporated Society of Planters (ISP)
North, Central and South Sarawak


Papers to be presented in the conference will be:

  1. Nitrogen cycling in agro-ecosystems of East Asia
    – Prof Ryusuke Hatano, Hokkaido University, JAPAN
  2. Understanding and managing variability in soils for optimal
    crop production
    – Dr Margaret Oliver, University of Reading, UK
  3. Soil resources and plantation agriculture
    – Chew Poh Soon
  4. Research on tropical peat in Sarawak
    – Lah Jau Uyo, Dept. of Agriculture, Sarawak
  5. Bio-physical characteristics of tropical peatland
    – Dr Lulie Melling, Dept. of Agriculture, Sarawak
  6. Hydraulic conductivity and moisture characteristics of
    tropical peatland
    – Dr Lulie Melling, Dept. of Agriculture, Sarawak
  7. Land developers as partners in sustainable management of
    – Dr Alex Sayok, UNDP/GEF - MAL/99/G31
  8. Searching for potential nitrogen suppliers applicable to
    reforestation and plantation in tropical peat soil
    – Dr Yasuyuki Hashidoko, Hokkaido University, JAPAN
  9. Effect of peat subsidence on oil palm performance and some
    ameliorating measures
    – Dr Peter Lim, PT Multigambut, Indonesia
  10. Correction of micronutrient deficiencies of oil palm on peat
    in Indonesia
    – Arif Sugandi, PT KLK Agriservindo, Indonesia
  11. Fertiliser management of oil palm on peat
    – Dr A Xavier, United Plantations Bhd
  12. Effects of NK fertilization on the growth and leaf nutrient
    composition of sago on peat
    – Dr Lulie Melling, Dept. of Agriculture, Sarawak
  13. Planting density trials of oil palm on peat
    - Dr Ariffin Darus, Tradewinds Plantation Bhd
  14. Water management for oil palm on inland soils
    – Lee Chin Tui, FELDA
  15. Precision management of pineapples on tropical peat
    – Dr Siva K Balasundram, Universiti Putra Malaysia

A poster session will also be organized. Posters will be accepted
for display at a minimum A1 size (594 x 841 mm; 24 x 33 in). At the
time of submission, all EAs must be camera-ready. There will also
be a “BEST POSTER AWARD” competition.