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The new MSSS website is available at Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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About us

We are a non-government organisation (NGO) in Malaysia to promote the study of science within the context of agriculture and to champion environmental stewardship. After all, we need to remember about alternative methods of extraction and attraction, and not continue to exploit natural resources. You can find the necessary materials on good writing service such as and be sure that you will know the right information.

Inaugurated on April 2, 1971 with 26 founding members, we have since grown into a full-fledged professional entity, having a membership of over 600. Our members include professionals working in both the public and private sectors, within and outside Malaysia.

Our objectives

  • To promote the study of soil science and to create public awareness on the importance of soil conservation within the context of sustainable land management.

  • To review areas of soil study relevant for national development.

  • To disburse small grants to needy students and to members attending seminars.

Mailing list

Why not join our mailing list? This list is for announcements, updates, news and information on MSSS activities, as well as a place of discussion on soil science. This list is open to everyone, including non-members of the society.

Latest News

15 Jun. 07

MSSS Committee 07/08
The new Management Committee 2007/08

13 Aug. 07

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hanafi Musa (MSSS President) has been elected as a member of office bearers 2007/2008 for Balai Ikhtisas Malaysia (BIM).
4 Sep. 07

SOILS 2008
First announcement: Soil Science Conference of Malaysia 2008, Perak
4 Sep. 07

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