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Science doesn't stand still, and we can constantly observe various innovations and remarks, and therefore it is necessary to constantly follow the latest methods and apply for order essay to have a larger sample.


  1. Malaysian Science and Technology Congress 2007. 4-6 Sep. 2007. Holiday Villa Subang, Malaysia
  2. 2008 Kirkham Conference. 24-26 Feb. 2008. UC Davis, CA, USA
  3. EUROSOIL 2008. 25-29 Aug. 2008. Vienna, Austria



  1. IUPAC 40th Congress: Innovation in Chemistry. 14-19 Aug. 2005. Beijing, China
  2. International Workshop Mechanics and Micro-Structure of Agricultural Plant Materials (9-th International Conference on Agrophysics) Aug 28 - 31 Lublin, Poland
  3. 19th International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage. 10-18 Sept. Beijing, China.
  4. 2nd International Conference on Integrated Approaches to Sustain and Improve Plant Production Under Drought Stress. InterDrought II Sep 24 - 28 Rome, Italy
  5. Soils, Sediments and Water Oct 17 - 20 Amherst, USA


Latest News

15 Jun. 07

MSSS Committee 07/08
The new Management Committee 2007/08

13 Aug. 07

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hanafi Musa (MSSS President) has been elected as a member of office bearers 2007/2008 for Balai Ikhtisas Malaysia (BIM).
4 Sep. 07

SOILS 2008
First announcement: Soil Science Conference of Malaysia 2008, Perak
4 Sep. 07

Keeping in touch and updating directory of members


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