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Committee of 2007/08

Committee members are responsible people who have spent a lot of time learning and practicing skills and knowledge, so buy article online to find out what you need to reveal in the work you will present to impress the committee.


Immediate Past President
Vice President (Peninsular Malaysia)
Vice President (Sarawak)
Vice President (Sabah) Ms. Elizabeth Malangkig
Hon. Secretary
Hon. Asst. Secretary
Hon. Treasurer
Hon. Asst. Treasurer

Mr. Jopen Abut
Co-opt Member

Dr. S. Paramanathan

Hon. Auditors

Prof. Dr. Shamshuddin Jusop
Dr. Ahmad Husni Ahmad Khanif

Latest News

15 Jun. 07

MSSS Committee 07/08
The new Management Committee 2007/08

13 Aug. 07

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hanafi Musa (MSSS President) has been elected as a member of office bearers 2007/2008 for Balai Ikhtisas Malaysia (BIM).
4 Sep. 07

SOILS 2008
First announcement: Soil Science Conference of Malaysia 2008, Perak
4 Sep. 07

Keeping in touch and updating directory of members


updated: 18-Sep-2007
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