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Malaysian Journal of Soil Science (MJSS)

MJSS Vol. 01, April 1997


Contents - abstracts

Effect of Azolla Green Manure on Wetland Rice and Availability of Azolla-N (pg. 1-12)
A.B. Rosenani

Assessment of the Availability of Phosphate to Corn (Zea Mays L.) Using 32P isotope Dilution Technique (pg. 13-20)
A.R. Zaharah, H.A.H. Sharifuddin and M. Ahmad Sahali

Extraction of Potassium by Sulphuric Acid in Selected Particle Size-fractions of Five Malaysian Soils (pg. 21-34)
C.H. Lau and Rokeyah Arshad

Overland Flow and Soil Erosion in Sloping Agricultural Land (pg. 35-49)
Ghulam M. Hashim, Wan Abdullah Yussoff and Cyril Ciesiolka

Fertility Improvement of Fluvial Paddy Soil of Kelantan Plain by Organic Matter Addition (pg. 51-64)
A.R. Ahmad, X. Arulandoo and Y. Aminuddin

Rate of Water Absorption by Soil Clods under Confined and Unconfined Conditions (pg. 65-76)
Desa Ahmad


updated: 03-Jul-2005