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Malaysian Journal of Soil Science (MJSS)

MJSS Vol. 04, April 2000


Contents - abstracts

The Use of Different Media for the Production of Wild Durian (Durio lowianus) Rootstocks (pg. 1-7)
Izham Ahmad, Yahya Awang and Zamani Omar

Mineralogy and Sand Surface Morphology of Selected Andisols from West Sumatra (pg. 9-24)
D. Fiantis, J. Shamsuddin, E. Van Ranst, S. Zauyah and I. Fauziah

Land Use System in an Acid Sulfate Soil of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia (pg. 25-38)
S. Muhrizal and J. Shamsuddin

Potential use of Rhizobacteria for Sustainable Oil Palm Seedling Production (pg. 39-50)
H.G. Amir, Z.H. Shamsuddin, M.S. Halimi, M.F. Ramlan and M. Marziah

Oil palm Empty Fruit Bunch as a Source of Nutrients and Soil Ameliorant in Oil Palm Plantation (pg. 51-66)
A.R. Zaharah and K.C. Lim

Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza fungi Colonization on Growth and Physiological Responses of Grafted Cocoa under Field Conditions (pg. 67-78)
M.V. Rini, T. Jamal, Z.A. Idris and H. Azizah


updated: 03-Jul-2005