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Malaysian Journal of Soil Science (MJSS)

MJSS Vol. 03, April 1999


Contents - abstracts

Assessment of Uptake of Readily Available Plant Micronutrients from Soil Amended with Coal Fly Ash (pg. 1-10)
I. Che Fauziah, E. Azmi and A.R. Anuar

Estimation of Al-for-Fe Substitution in Goethite by Selective Dissolution and Mössbauer Spectroscopy in a Weathering Sequence on Mafic Rocks in the Lower Congo (pg. 11-27)
G. Baert, E. Van Ranst, R.E. Vandenberghe and J.De Weirdt

The Effects of Residue Management Practices on Phosphorus and Potassium Uptake in Pineapple (pg. 29-37)
O.H. Ahmed, M.H.A. Husni, S.R. Syed Omar, M.M. Hanafi and S.K.Goh

Fuzzy Reasoning versus Boolean Logic in Land Suitability Assessment (pg. 39-58)
E. Van Ranst and H.Tang

Salt Accumulation in Soils and its Removal under Rainshelter (pg. 59-75)
Wong Nan Chong

Lime Requirement Assessment Methods and Lime Reaction Time on Strongl07-Mar-2004 S.R. Syed Omar, J.R. Brown and R.J. Miles

Decomposition and Nutrient Release from Maize (Zea Mays L.) Residues and N Uptake by Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) in a Crop Rotation System (pg. 93-107)
A.R. Mubarak, A.B. Rosenani, A.R. Anuar and S. Zauyah

Physical Properties of Seedling Mat for a Manually Operated paddy Transplanter (pg. 109-122)
Md. Syedul Islam and Desa Ahmad


updated: 03-Jul-2005