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Malaysian Journal of Soil Science (MJSS)

MJSS Vol. 02, April 1998


Contents - abstracts

Tropical Crop Selection Advisory (TROPSEL): A Simple Expert System for Agricultural Land Suitability Evaluation (pg. 1-17)
Sahibin Abdul Rahim and W.A. Adams

Impact of Agriculture on Chemical Properties of Soils on Basalt from Mindanao, the Philippines (pg. 19-29)
R. Boniao, E. Van Ranst, J. Shamshuddin and G. Baert

Exchange Properties of Highly Weathered Soils of the Lower Congo (pg. 31-44)
G. Baert and E. Van Ranst

Mineralogical and Charge Properties of Volcanic Ash Soils from West Sumatra, Indonesia (pg. 45-57)
D. Fiantis, E. Van Ranst and J. Shamshuddin

Nitrogen Fixation and Seed Yield of Winged Bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L.) DC) Under Various Support Systems (pg. 59-73)
M.R. Motior, Z.H. Shamshuddin, W.O. Wan Mohamad and K.C. Wong

The Gaia Theory in Sustainable Land Use (pg. 75-8107-Mar-2004. Crabtree

Short communication:

Influence of Organic and Inorganic Soil Amendments on Corn Root Growth and Soil Chemical Properties (pg. 83-88)
S.R. Syed Omar, I. Zubaidah and J. Shamshuddin


updated: 03-Jul-2005