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Soil Science Conference
of Malaysia 2003 (SOILS 2003)

Towards Maximum Land Use and Productivity

SOILS 2003

New Pacific Hotel,
Kota Bharu, Kelantan
15-16 Apr. 2003

Post-conference tour
Kelantan & southern Thailand
17-19 Apr. 2003

Poster presentations

The deadline for paper submission has already passed. Although we will still accept paper submissions, they must be for poster presentations, but the extended abstracts will not be included in the conference proceedings. Consequently, all abstracts submitted after the deadline will have to be photocopied by the presenters and distributed (in loose form) during the conference.

In conjunction with the SOILS 2003 theme, oral and poster papers concerning land use planning, large-scale crop production, and integration of plantation crops with livestock will be particularly highlighted. Nonetheless, other related fields (soil chemistry, soil physics, environment conservation, land evaluation, soil genesis and classification, soil microbiology, and soil fertility and plant nutrition) are also welcomed.

Excellent posters will be selected for awards.

Author Instructions

  1. The poster size must NOT exceed the size of a ISO B2 paper size: 500 by 707 mm.

  2. Choose one colour background for the poster board mounting.

  3. Use contrasting colour, where appropriate in charts, graphs and diagrams.

  4. All lettering must be easily read. Use bold or semi-bold typeface for headings and labels.

  5. Do not crowd too much information. Concentrate on two or three main points.

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